Coping methods 

What’s your favourite way to “cope” with anxiety depression (naturally)? 

I find exercise and meditation the most helpful. 

I like all things creative, but altering my heart rate naturally just with movement/focus seems to help distract me and cleanse my brain and body of negative vibes. 

If you’re the same, what’s your favourite meditation or exercise? (Give me new yoga moves!)

10 thoughts on “Coping methods 

  1. The hardest part is recognizing that I’m in Anxiety – usually I’m so caught up in whatever I’m worrying about that I don’t think to ask myself, “What am I feeling?” Once I do recognize that I’m feeling Anxious (notice how “I’m Anxious” and “I feel Anxious” feel differently in your body – if they do for you; they do for me), then I talk to myself, “You poor Sweetheart, you’re feeling Anxious, aren’t you.” It’s not a real question, more of a statement, but it leaves the door open for my Anxiety to respond with corrections if it feels the need. One I say that, “I” am no longer in Anxiety, I’m in Compassion, and everything shifts. Then I “move on” or do something else. If the Anxiety returns, as soon as I recognize it, I repeat my Empathy. Usually, what feels like Miracles result. And I sure wish I’d recognize sooner and more often, when I’m grinding on any feeling or thought – “helicopter trips” I sometimes call them, if I’m going ’round and ’round on some perceived dilemma. Sometimes it takes me *months* to notice!

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  2. Meditation and yoga helps me. Imagining roots sprouting from my feet and plunging into the Earth to bring up fresh new energy helps a lot when I’m zapped of energy. There are breathing exercises and even an anxiety app call “What’s Up?” that a friend recommended.

    A good thing that can help is thinking it through. Meaning “ok, I’m having a panic attack. Why? What led me to this thought? Is this real right now or did I think of a scenario that set it off? What can I do about it? Was that person’s reaction really about me or could they have taken something out on me?”

    Thinking like that can help me get control over it.

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