Coping methods 

What’s your favourite way to “cope” with anxiety depression (naturally)?  I find exercise and meditation the most helpful.  I like all things creative, but altering my heart rate naturally just with movement/focus seems to help distract me and cleanse my brain and body of negative vibes.  If you’re the same, what’s your favourite meditation or… Read More Coping methods 

Book suggestions

Fellow book worms… I’m looking for some new reads; poetry or fiction etc.  I’m into classics like Plath, Tolstoy, Jane Austen, Emily Bronte. I also very much enjoy the writing of Stephen King and any modern poetry as well.  What are your two favourite classics and two favourite modern authors/ books?  I’m open to all… Read More Book suggestions


   I have good days and I have bad days. Most important is that I remember how lucky I am no matter what I’m going through at the time. I’m surrounded with beautiful people who sometimes don’t get the recognition they deserve from me. Today my goal is to reaffirm that recognition and show the… Read More Today